Duncan Lifestyles - Summer 2020

Duncan Magazine Cover - Winter 2018

As Summer is winding down and we can see the cooldown of Fall just ahead, I look forward to the change in season. Undoubtedly, it will also be a season of finding the “new normal” of back to school and fall events but change can be rejuvenating, and we could all use a little bit of that right now.

Savor your last days of Summer by turning off the devices and enjoying the world around you. I’ve heard ‘no child remembers their best day of watching TV.’ I will add to that, no adult says their favorite part of the day was spent scrolling through social media or online shopping. Be aware of time suckers and be intentional with your choices. Get outside, take a StoryWalk or visit the Foreman Prairie House… after you read about them in this issue! Also in this issue is the new Kids’ Corner. Enjoy it with your kiddos then share their artwork and jokes with us to be considered for the next Kids’ Corner!

Thank you for reading Duncan Lifestyles, we love hearing from you! Tell us what you want to see in future issues and share your events and milestones to showcase. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Praying for our Country’s leaders, the Duncan school district and community as a new season approaches.

Duncan Lifestyles - Winter 2019

Duncan Magazine Cover - Winter 2019

It is time to think HOLIDAYS! I love this time of year. Watching my small children enjoy these traditions makes this time so special. In the upcoming months, take a moment to reflect and slow down. Yes, it takes effort to slow down - especially with the impending holiday rush, but how else can you treasure the memories being made if you are too busy to enjoy them? Let’s try and be intentional, put our phones away, gather together, and be present!

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Duncan Lifestyles - Summer 2019

Duncan Magazine Cover - Winter 2018

Are you as excited as I am about the warmer weather and summer months ahead?! We hope you are each planning trips, as well as staycation opportunities in the months to come. Don’t forget to look just a few miles down the road when considering a weekend getaway. Check out the Travel Guide in this edition to learn more.

I have three small children (Gatlyn (7), Georgia Lee (4), & Guy David (6 mo)) and we love to make the most of the lazy days of summer, which generally are anything but lazy. To help pass the time, I have included some of our favorite healthy treats which your kids can help you prepare. Read the fruity popsicle concoctions in Cool Summer Treats (page 70).

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Duncan Lifestyles - Winter 2018

Duncan Magazine Cover - Winter 2018

Our family has been in the publishing business over 35 years and we couldn’t be more excited about the premier issue of Duncan Lifestyles! These pages personify ‘hometown living at its best’ and offers a glimpse of the people and organizations that make Duncan a truly special place to call home.

Duncan Lifestyles is a semi-annual publication and portrays all the great things happening in this community. Duncan is a friendly, welcoming community full of hard working and kind hearted individuals. Please take time to visit and thank the advertisers in this magazine – their involvement is what allows this publication to be distributed free throughout town.

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